The Last of Its Kind in Toronto’s Yorkville Neighbourhood
All units sold out!

Boutique Midrise

Built as a modern interpretation of a classical 19th century European midrise, the 9 storey structure is carefully articulated in a rich material palette of masonry, glass and metal. Its allure is both simple and complex, a building of serene symmetry and proportion with a layering of technical innovations, exquisite detail and fine finishes, sourced for their superlative design and beauty.

Furniture Automobile Jewelry Antique

A limited Edition of Homes

A limited edition of homes in 128 Hazelton, a small boutique midrise in Yorkville, Toronto. A limited edition of anything – whether it is a home or a watch or an object, a piece of furniture or a vintage wine – is the highest expression of luxury. Only a few exist. Those who understand its allure will know its value. They will treasure its rarity and feel a sense of privilege in the pleasure it provides.

A philosophy of Human Architecture

Reminiscent of the midrise Haussman architecture that was built in 19th century Paris. An undulating façade, with pockets of space that weave in and out, creates a welcoming atmosphere, inviting pedestrians and residents to engage with the architecture. The threshold between the private and public spaces is a procession; a special sequence of opening and closing.